Marketing and Public Relations Strategies
for the Energy Industry

Specializing in assisting companies with siting energy projects

Mary Usovicz created MU Connections to assist companies with siting energy projects, particularly in New England. Mary has over 20 years with siting energy projects particularly dealing with stakeholder outreach and communications.
Recently, Mary was a part of the team that successfully secured PPA for hydro for Commonwealth of MA 83D project. Prior to MU Connections, Mary was Senior VP at TRC creating the LNG team and successfully obtain the
permits for the Connecticut Natural Gas LNG facility upgrade and regasification. Before TRC, Mary was VP of marketing and external affairs for OSCOMP overseeing all of the siting permitting and construction of CNG stations in Maine and end user sites in New England. Mary has had over 20 years’ experience in the energy sector. She was employed by Repsol for 7 years overseeing the siting, construction and market development of the Repsol Canaport LNG facility. In addition, Mary has worked as Director
of Community Relations for Tennessee Gas Pipeline for ten years in their Boston office. Mary was responsible for customer outreach as well as government relations for all of the major pipeline construction projects in New England. She brings a wealth of information in understanding to the natural gas and power generators customer’s needs as well as the political landscape of the region.

Mary has over 25 years’ experience working in the public, regulatory media and government relations. She has also worked for Governors of Massachusetts and New Jersey as well as Director of Community Relations for Massachusetts Water Resources Authority.

MS. Usovicz holds a BA in political science and economics from American University as well as an MBA from Suffolk University with a concentration in Marketing. She is also the former first lady for the City of Salem, MA during her husband, Stan’s, eight year term. Mary lives and works in New England with her two children Stash and Motoria.

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